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An important message from your Youth Academy Safeguarding Officer

A message from your Youth Academy Safeguarding Officer


Please note the below information from Police Scotland. This is something that players and parents should be aware of, as there is always a possibility that it may happen to their child. Players are encouraged to tell someone they trust if anything like this happens to them, or indeed anything that makes them feel frightened or threatened online.


“The following incident widely documented in the media  has been reported in the national press.  There is nothing to suggest there has been any similar incidents north of the border as yet. Submitted for your information and attention.


Premier League Youth Players Targeted By Snapchat Groomers Posing As Agents, 30/07/2017

Young Everton footballers are being targeted by paedophiles on Snapchat, the Observer reports. Adam Green, Head of Safeguarding at the club, said young players had been approached on the popular social media app by men posing as professionals in the football industry. Green said: "On Snapchat it just says a name like Ben at the top [and the message says]: 'I'm from an agency representing players from Manchester and London, and we have offices in both places and we've been watching you with interest, following you, and we're interested in signing you for this agency. Don't tell your dad. Don't tell your club.’” Green went on to say: “The threat now is that paedophiles have migrated... to Instagram and Snapchat. Whatever the next craze is, the paedophiles will be on there as soon as the children are."

Also in: The Sun, The Independent,,



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